“There is no fortune in my cookie”

Di, just recounted a story of writing a letter of complaint to a manufacturer of fortune cookies.  The essence of her letter of complaint was that there was no fortune in her cookie !!!!!  A few days or so later there is a knock at the door from the postman and she has received a complimentary box of fortune cookies.

The moral….

Complain about the foodstuffs and goods you buy. Aways write a letter of compalint or where possible send an email and keep a copy.  I’d say 99% of companies rely on your continued custom and will send you vouchers as a way of apology for a sub-standard product reaching the old supermarket shelf, thereby incurring a cost themselves!!!

Super lets ave it !!!

 Get your complaints flying in to anyone you bought goods or services from lately.  Happy days indeed !!!!!

This is just one little way we create revolution in our everyday lives. 

Nice Mrs B. (Di)

6 Responses to ““There is no fortune in my cookie””

  1. mr dave Says:

    I was reading through this blog and i accidently came upon this.

  2. DorisCakes Says:

    April 8, 2010 at 1:25 pm e

    Yes, God was always an egotistical Bastard ;0)……. (sorry God, but I’m trying)

    I dont recall meeting him, so I cannot comment !!

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