Rogues Gallery #1


Welcome to the rogues gallery, it’s just a collection of pictures.  I like them, some of them I have taken, others I have stumbled across.

Took this one on a mobile phone one night we were on our way to the now legendary Dragon on Berry Street in Liverpool to dj.  For me it kinda sums up a particular period in time.  A whole scene was born in one of the smallest venue’s in the city.  Week in week out a collection of dj’s and punters wore big smiles in one of the most non-threatening and happening environments around.  Happy days indeed.

A bubble in Barcelona, simple as that really.

Robots have metal hearts, be wary of vocational training.  A world populated by competent functionaries is a dying world.  Taken in a toilet in Barcelona.

Ten days in the sun and the bracelets become appealing

Catch the pigeon.  Nerja, Spain.

Inside Te Kuilp, Amsterdam

Graffiti, Amsterdam supplied by Doris Cakes

Chymera, Amsterdam, a great place to visit.

Grafitti discourse. Amsterdam.

In honour of one squat. 25 years. Spuistraat, Amsterdam.


Right wingers be on your guard we are still here, there and everywhere !!!!!

No explanation required!!!

Well it isnt is it?

The inside of a carrier bag believe it or not.

Simply because it is colourful

Autumn sunset. Marbella. Spain

Sunset, Marbella Old Town.

Midsummer. Norris Green. Liverpool.

Mr. Spud

What you lookin’ at?

West Derby Cemetry. Taken April 2010

Modern Technology eh?

16 Responses to “Rogues Gallery #1”

  1. some gorgeous snaps there
    particulary love 2nd from bottom

  2. nirvana 😀

  3. check your slsk for a link i sent you.. mick jones rejected mix of combat rock.. really good and in retrospect a real shame it was edited to a single album

  4. mr dave Says:

    Catch the pigeon, boss.

  5. DorisCakes Says:

    I like the urban peg shot and the smiley road sign (back of bombed out church, now sadly no more)

  6. My favourite is the Marlboro fag packet mocked up with Geert Wilders the dutch anti-islam character. By the way I dont agree with him !!!!

  7. Sunset, Marbella Old Town.

    very psychedelic

  8. Would have been top on such ingredients

  9. Frank Knappa Says:

    Great pics Rogue. Marbella and Urban Pegs are the stand outs for me. Thanks for sharing.

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