Rogues Gallery #2

By birth.  Nature points to the soldiers of life the place where they have to fight for it. Blas Infante

In keeping with tradition

Durutti – 15 September 1932 Barcelona sums up the challenge thrown down by the anarchists:

‘The Republican-Socialists need to understand this and so we’ll say it very clearly: either the Republic resolves the peasants and industrial workers’ problems or the people will do so on their own. But can the Republic resolve those and other pressing problems? We don’t want to deceive anyone and will reply firmly, so that the entire working class hears us: neither the Republic nor any political regime of the sort – with or without the Socialists – will ever resolve the workers’ problems. A system based on private property and the authority of power cannot live without slaves. And if the workers want to be dignified, to live freely and control their own destinies, then they shouldn’t wait for the government to give them their liberty. Economic and political freedom is not something given; it has to be taken. It depends on you, the workers listening to me, whether you’ll continue being modern slaves or free men! You must decide!’

Nerja Mayo 2010

What borders? love it !!

24 Responses to “Rogues Gallery #2”

  1. of course lad

  2. keepin’ in with the red n’ black vibe of the thread 😉

  3. mr dave Says:

    What is a ‘roguetrooper’ ?

  4. Frank Knappa Says:

    Loving those new related posts Rogue.

  5. DorisCakes Says:

    I like the Nestle photo….poignant somehow

    • Yes my thoughts exactly capitalism in decay

      • Frank Knappa Says:

        Funny that coz I saw it as the central capitalist message still being intact despite the decay. Must add though that I can have a bit of bias towards cornetto type ice cream products.
        Anyway back to the footy, Howard Webb is he really a world class ref?
        Up your street this one though Rogue and I apologise if you have already seen it, but check out The name of the site sez it all really! Catch u soon.

      • It is because it is hanging on a tree in Nerja rusting away. Maybe it takes a bit of imagination Frank !!!

      • Frank Knappa Says:

        I get that Rogue but the that central image, that yummy looking wafer filled iced confection still looks appealing despite the slight corrosion around the edge. Just my view like.

      • We all love ice cream Frank !!!!

      • DorisCakes Says:

        …or not so much Capitalism but the demise of the company itself since the boycott of the late 70’s, indeed if the sign were erected before the boycott started the message becomes more poignant.

      • DorisCakes Says:

        …and may I just add, as soon as I finished typing about Nestle then, I went straight to my email and Nestle had just emailed me……spooky! Lol

    • Frank Knappa Says:

      Nestle Group: first quater sales of CHF 26.3 billion, 6.5% organic growth, 4.8% real internal growth. I had to look up CHF (Swiss francs 1 of which is about 60p) not sure if this is a company in decline (unfortunately). It does seem to be another super conglomerate on the march for global domination.

  6. Similarly we are said to have a situation in countries such as Greece, Portugal and Spain where the notion of democracy itself is under threat. Remember these are fledgling “democracies” in reality and the said financial plight could tip these contries over the edge or worse still back to the days of Franco, Papadopolous or Salazar.

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