Is This England?

St George on the breeze courtesy of Doris Cakes.


Keep Out !!!!!


There is a cat in there somewhere….

Take a seat, make yourself comfy !!!!!!

No electricity Monseiur !!

The boot on the Boot.

Little brother watching big brother …..

So is this England?  With all this talk of,  in the first instance, broken society and then the big society I thought rather than write yet another polemic (lol) I would try and catch it in pictures.  They are saying don’t ask what your country can do for you but rather what can you do for your country.  Fair enough but we don’t need to told this, not by some over-priveliged gang of boys who went to school together!  Is this England?  This is England indeed warts and all….the big bad broken society where you will find love, beauty, hope and a sense of humour in the unlikeliest of places

It is enough to drive you up the wall…

But even McDonalds in the background cannot detract from this unexpected oasis

Even the swan likes it..!

Progressive communication systems required, urgently !!

A ride, now that’s a good idea.  Let’s go.

We were talkin’ about scooters the other week, these two rolled up when we were having a pint.

Round and round and round and round we go.

Lookin’ a bit pasty there Elvis lad.

I couldn’t believe it either!

Southport in summertime.

Indeed !!!

So is this England?  Yes it is England.  A snapshot over twenty-four hours.  I am still asking myself the same question as when I started.  Is there a big society waiting to emerge?  Over a relatively small section of England I noted all manner of contradictions.  Travel a few yards and travel across real extremes.  So this is England and that big society, that is nothing more than the dream of little Englanders.

Update…I note Mr Cameron will be launching his Big Society right here in Liverpool on Monday 19th July 2010.  Let us see just how this big idea pans out.  I will be watching with interest Mr Cameron, after all I have always been community minded.

42 Responses to “Is This England?”

  1. mr dave Says:

    St george is boss.

  2. gas off
    elec off

    love the face in the cloud

  3. anyways what is this big society? is this posh speak for work for ya dole?

  4. big society! is this posh speak for work for one’s dole wot wot?

  5. Big society? It is the idea that power is transferred from Whitehall to individuals and community groups. There is nothing at all wrong with the concept. There is a problem with the banks however identifying the “dormant” accounts that will fund the big society bank, as is the problem of grants to charities being slashed by local authorities. In effect it is a big idea without the frameworks in place to enable such a bold vision become a reality.

  6. DorisCakes Says:

    ‘To the Station’ . I love the 50’s style of the signange in seaside towns, like time stood still when they began to fade in popularity.

  7. Excuse any typos please readers.

  8. DorisCakes Says:

    “Previous experience of volunteering alongside young people with entrenched problems had not gone smoothly, he said. “There was so much going missing we had to get rid of them. We are not social workers so we decided to put an end to it,” he added.


  9. Onward to the Big Mess

  10. brush in hand

  11. intresting

  12. The red in the flag is the blood that was spilt
    In the way that your forefathers tell
    And never a country been so great
    The stories Britannia coud tell

    I never want to live my life
    Away from the golden shores
    There’s never a country in the world
    With the scent of an English rose

    England, oh England, a country so great
    The land of so fair and so true
    There’ll never be any colours like
    The red, the white and the blue

    Whenever you go to the far off shores
    Ther’s something that goes with you
    The pride and the joy and the love that comes
    From your mother of red, white and blue

    You cold never be born under a flag that’s like
    The one of a Union Jack
    St.George’s spirit has never died
    It all keeps coming back

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