Captures in Andalucia

25 Responses to “Captures in Andalucia”

  1. doriscakes Says:

    Some poetic shots there, I like the one through the arch on the balcony in Nerja. There is something bright yellow on the beach which serves as a counter-focal point, and a branch or something which looks like an arrow pointing to it….(or am I reading too much into it lol)

  2. doriscakes Says:

    I also like the one of the ‘neglected’ balcony, an usual choice for a shot and works perfectly :0)

  3. Would that be unusual?

  4. doriscakes Says:

    Unusual because when taking a summer break in the Costa Del Sol, the ‘norm’ would be to photograph a sunset for example, not a derelict window.

  5. i was thinking more…. studio (would make an ideal)

  6. fab 😀

  7. doriscakes Says:

    One day eh? Which one? that reminds me, is it a lottery roll-over tonight ;0) ?

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