Rogues Gallery #4

All of the above pictures (excepting the swans who live just next to the East Lancs Road) were taken during a weekend camping trip to Betws-y-coed.  Living as we do on a massive housing sprawl aka Norris Green in the north of Liverpool myself, Doris Cakes and the dog need to get away from time to time in order to reconnect with the natural world and get some much needed head-space.  Fresh air, no noise, no sirens, no music and no disputes in the street outside just peace and quiet.  Time to reflect and think about what we could be doing if we didn’t get so bogged down in the daily grind.

18 Responses to “Rogues Gallery #4”

  1. Absolutely.

  2. A bit of madness is fine, as long as we have a bit of sanity sir.

  3. next time u go gimme a shout and i’ll show you a nice place

  4. DorisCakes Says:

    If it’s nice this Saturday perhaps one last venture into the wide open spce before the pinch of Autumn takes hold?

  5. DorisCakes Says:

    Precisely, a lesson for life I think.

  6. I like the orange berries, very Seasonal

  7. Gods Country mate… I am back up that way myself for a weekend of walking…

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