8 Responses to “Photography”

  1. wonderful pics
    love the nous sommes 🙂
    did u take them on your recent journeys?

  2. I took them at Occupy Liverpool 15/10/2011. Part of a global day of solidarity againt corporate greed and capitalism.

  3. i was occupying the vet’s armed with a shitty arsed cat

  4. DorisCakes Says:

    Great afternoon that, was a good start to Occupy LPool movement for me

  5. DorisCakes Says:

    Occupy movement is well under way since the last post was written here. It’s inspirational and I’ve met all manner of peoples, artists, writers, musicians, nurses, lecturers, homeless, Spanish, Germans, last night a priest paid a special visit to wish us all well and to tell us he was impressed with what we are doing and he explained we’re speaking out for him too in his absence. I have a feeling he mat be bearing gifts soon :0)

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