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Is it art? Refelction of an occupied soul.

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A camera, props, experiences, ideas and photoshop.

But is it art?

It came from the experiences and interactions good and bad which occur in the course of daily life and all it entails.  2011 was a year in which radiclaism superceded reckless hedonism and with it a whole host of new experiences, influences and a return to roots of my own world view.  Nowt was planned along the way, I got involved with what seemed to be right.  I lost friends to the cruel ways of the world we inhabit, I argued with some and discarded one or two completely.  Well real friends do not resort to ridicule when you disagree on socio-political and ethical points.  I know this because I have a particular good friend and despite our views on things being more than a little different we always manage to put them aside and find common ground. 

 Isn’t that what the 99% needs to do?

 I met a whole host of new people and reconnected with others from times now past.  Through marches, demo’s and the occupation I felt moved, alive and if only briefly empowered.  I watched in awe as young people set about their task with a tenacity and determination not often associated with young people.  I saw barriers come down where oftern they are reinforced.  I saw possibilities.  None of it is ever perfect, none of it ideal even if it is rooted in an idealism people thought long gone.  The truth is we are fighting the same battle as many before us have fought.  The truth is we are subjected to an endless stream of deception, half truths and attempts to discredit what we do by those who lost their souls long ago. 

The battle ground is not necessarily the occupation or the concept as such.  The battle ground is/was and always will be the hearts and minds of the people.

Yet the greatest questions can never have concrete answers. . . .the actions which some carry out now resonate for anyone with an open mind and a desire to embrace a positive force for good.

The door is open if you care to walk through it.

This piece was done just for the fun of it and all for the love of it.

 But is it art?

Hasta la victoria siempre.