I’ve written variously about this Tory-led government’s fetish for demonising the vulnerable in order to facilitate its attacks on their state support. Disabled people, young people, housing benefit claimants, the unemployed – all come under sustained propaganda attack from government spokespeople, echoed by the right-wing press and even, on occasion, by the BBC.

This demonisation usually takes the form of some kind of ‘scrounger’ rhetoric, although the perpetrators will throw in ‘shirker’ or ‘skiver’ occasionally, just to mix it up a little. It’s clearly a tactic aimed at the basest instincts of people who are able, or willing, to believe it and resent the ‘scroungers’ who are supposedly the opposite of the ‘strivers’, or ‘those who work hard and do the right thing’, according to the Tory mantra.

This kind of rhetoric is in every government statement about the ‘Uprating Bill’ that will be voted on today in…

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  1. i think we should look after the old, sick, unemployed, etc. Come into my house! but if you are a lazy cunt who wants a free ride and then kicks off when your benefits are cut i’m with the government.

    • What about when you lose your job through no fault of your own. ???

    • I think the point is lost on you here. A tiny minority could be classed as “shirkers” (the current vogue phrase). Benefit reforms hit those claiming in work benefits i.e the low paid who need help with extortionate rents & council tax and things like child-care costs to enable them to go to work in the first place. But lets not focus on them lets focus on the real issues eh?

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