Rogue Trooper

Rogue Trooper

I was ten years old in 1976, growing up not far from a chocolate factory on Wirral. In our grand capital London punk rock had reared its ugly head on the unsuspecting tired bored popular culture of the 1970’s. Enough has been said of the filth and the fury that followed. The cobwebs were well and truly blown away.

By 1978 my love affair with punk rock had begun. The energy, the music, the image, the attitude everything seemed just fine. Here is me. This my identity. This is my rebellion. This is my way of being somebody. I won’t be anything other than what I want to be. On my terms from here to eternity…..and so it goes.

I remember buying my first record ‘White Riot’ by the Clash. I can remember home-made bondage trousers, dog collars, monkey boots, jelly sandals, yellow zips, sneering back at the constraints of the straight jacket society that demands conformity on every level.

Here began an apprenticeship in revolution, rebellion, rock n roll and style. Attitude is everything right? Yes of course it is. Attitude is what makes you stand out from the crowd. It drives you forward. It makes average boys and girls become legends in their own lifetime. Punk rock is attitude, attitude is punk rock…..and so it goes.

Birds of a feather flock together. By the eighties Thatcher had her iron grip on Britain. Bedsit land and squatting, skips and stealing just to get by. Giro day fun days were spent plotting the new world. In all towns and cities across this land small groups of individuals brought together through the very same apprenticeship in rebellion that is punk rock connected up. Positive Anarcho Punk, letter writing hitchhikers on a mission, pre-digital communication/post digital communication…..and so it goes

Anti-war? Yes please. What is all that about anyway? What are they gonna fight about next? Water. That’s right. Actually this is true or so I have been informed. All the madmen proving all those madmen exist. War, fuck off. Punk rock is anti-war because it is an expression of love. Punk rock has love by the bucket load. Passionate peaceful self expression. We dance on the wasteland they created. We create with nothing. Punk rock is our freedom or freedom is punk rock…and so it goes

Fast forward !!! Acid house revolution. Chemicals & Electronica, a new psychedelia, the new love explosion ecstatic and euphoric. Guess who was running the free parties and the new sound systems. Punk Rockers, hippies and assorted itinerants, attitude is everything right?The squat scene provided a perfect location for the new underground, attitude is everything right? Create your own space, create your own majik. New age punk rock psychedelia…. And so it goes..

Our life/our world. This thing is about us. You and me, me and you. It’s about what we do, its about how we have our say, its about the art, the love, the progress, the friends we make. We make experience because we want to, because we got onto something we can never describe if we are really honest. Our revolution is everyday life. These are acts of love.


Anyway, this is my blog I hope you will stay tuned in. What will come next is anyone’s guess. I suppose it will be music stuff. Rogue Trooper dj mixes. Recommending other blogs. Going on about something that made me smile or something to rant about. My blog, my space my ramblings, feel free to join in, debate and share ideas.


Anarchy & Peace

Rogue Trooper

18 Responses to “Rogue Trooper”

  1. Phil Sourpuss Says:

    So right about the love, mate. Lots cannot see that.

  2. mickmada Says:

    Andy, glad to see your still at it. Send me your addy & i’ll snail mail photocopies of the old mada zine Eve of the Scream gig reviews & interview.
    I always knew & respected you as a man of honour & integrity, but I would’nt have felt such an old fart if I’d known you were on board from 78 onwards! Do you remember UnitQ? or the Clockwork Orange cafe over your side of the Mizzy?

    • Mick I have emailed my home address. I do remember Unit Q, I think they hailed from the Woodchurch Estate. I think they played at the over 14’s at Moreton Youth Club hence I was not allowed in. I dont recall the Clockwork Orange Cafe sorry. My time came with the likes of Instant Agony, ATA, Onslaught, Iconoclasts and of course Eve Of The Scream….

  3. i remember the clockwork orange cafe in birkenhead
    it was in price street and served great tea

    i once saw unit Q play a church hall on the woodchurch with POI.. there was a (unit) Queue for the lavs, cos one of the band was delivering free hk’s ( for all who attended!!

    this was in their psychedelic phase late 1980/81! 😉

  4. incidentaly

    the clockwork orange cafe features on the back cover of one of elvis costello’s early singles.. but i forget which one

    i blame the queue for the toilet 😛

  5. Fuck me I had forgotten about his page ;-~

  6. same here actually..
    it was only when i was updatin me space that i saw yer url


    im blamin that queue for the lav

  7. the turntable club in laird street
    the studio 54 of the north end

  8. yes mate#

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