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Posted in Eve Of The Scream, Music on March 16, 2010 by theroguetrooper

Control ep recorded at The Station House New Brighton sometime around 1988/89 engineered by Paul Madden with thanks.
1. Control
2. Dare To Dream
3. Genocide Continues
4. Fields
5. Its Your Coice

Martin – Bass Vocals timeless spiritual awareness
Andy/Denzil – Guitars/Vocals theory instigator
Colin – Drums/Van legend
Sherry – Vocals/provocatuer


Mogsy – Bass/Enigma
John Gratton – Drums/optimist & all round top man
John Grant – Lyricist

Not forgetting Chris Ryan, Tess Ryan(rip an inspiration to us alland plenty of bread), Cog, Gary, Becky, Whitey, Angela, Andy K, Brian Salmon, Dick Lucas, City Indians, Thatcher On Acid, Rubella Ballet (Sid & Zillah and the coddled eggs episode), Max Ausgang, Snuff, Chaos UK, RDF, No Means No, Jello Biafra, Sharon, Vince (does that chippy sell curry Mart?), Dom Parry, Andy Chapman, Moreton Free Festivals, Iggy, Spanner, Lisa & The Hulme people, Mick (MADA) and Robert ‘Bob’ ‘Cooly’ Coulson (rip, never forgotten)

Also on this page is the Unbelievable Genocide demo recorded @ The Staion House New Brighton.

I will endevour to complete a potted history of the band but as I am new to this blog lark and haven’t put pen to paper for years it may take me a while.  Some highlights I can remember include gigs with Blyth Power, Thatcher on Acid, Rubella Ballet, Ausgang, Snuff, Chaos Uk, City Indians, Citizen Fish, RDF, Radio Mongolia, Smart Pils.  Squat Parties at the old peace shop Liverpool and the Jacaranda Liverpool, Animal Rights & Poll Tax benefits, Moreton Free Festival and Wick Tip.

Oh yeah we got a letter once out of the blue from Jello Biafra.  Andy Chapman had interviewed us for Maximum Rock N Roll in the back of a van after a gig in Derby.  Anyways it seems Jello read the interview and sent a money order for the record. His explanation was that he wanted it because he collects self financed DiY records.

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