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Is This England?

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St George on the breeze courtesy of Doris Cakes.


Keep Out !!!!!


There is a cat in there somewhere….

Take a seat, make yourself comfy !!!!!!

No electricity Monseiur !!

The boot on the Boot.

Little brother watching big brother …..

So is this England?  With all this talk of,  in the first instance, broken society and then the big society I thought rather than write yet another polemic (lol) I would try and catch it in pictures.  They are saying don’t ask what your country can do for you but rather what can you do for your country.  Fair enough but we don’t need to told this, not by some over-priveliged gang of boys who went to school together!  Is this England?  This is England indeed warts and all….the big bad broken society where you will find love, beauty, hope and a sense of humour in the unlikeliest of places

It is enough to drive you up the wall…

But even McDonalds in the background cannot detract from this unexpected oasis

Even the swan likes it..!

Progressive communication systems required, urgently !!

A ride, now that’s a good idea.  Let’s go.

We were talkin’ about scooters the other week, these two rolled up when we were having a pint.

Round and round and round and round we go.

Lookin’ a bit pasty there Elvis lad.

I couldn’t believe it either!

Southport in summertime.

Indeed !!!

So is this England?  Yes it is England.  A snapshot over twenty-four hours.  I am still asking myself the same question as when I started.  Is there a big society waiting to emerge?  Over a relatively small section of England I noted all manner of contradictions.  Travel a few yards and travel across real extremes.  So this is England and that big society, that is nothing more than the dream of little Englanders.

Update…I note Mr Cameron will be launching his Big Society right here in Liverpool on Monday 19th July 2010.  Let us see just how this big idea pans out.  I will be watching with interest Mr Cameron, after all I have always been community minded.

Bird Song

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Monday evening we get in from the first day of the weeks work, the dog wants a walk, the sun is out and it is cool.  Once all the errands are done we take to the garden to take in the last hour or so of sunshine.  In doing so we miss the early evening news, we enjoy a beer, the dog brings a ball, and the cat skulks off to a corner as the indica sets in.

In the near distance you can hear the last of the rush hour traffic making its way up and down the East Lancs road.  Cars pull up in the street outside, the music is scouse, funky, donk and the odd bit of that stuff they call r’n’b.  People are chattin’ on mobiles in the street outside and dogs are barkin’.  Early evening chaos you might say.

Straight up out of the blue a blackbird breaks into song just over the back there.   Every other sound begins to merge into a distant rumble, the bird song takes over.  We listen; it takes over, just for a minute it takes over.  It’s beautiful.

 It got me thinkin’…. as long as the birds are singing we are still ok, let’s make it count.