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I’ve written variously about this Tory-led government’s fetish for demonising the vulnerable in order to facilitate its attacks on their state support. Disabled people, young people, housing benefit claimants, the unemployed – all come under sustained propaganda attack from government spokespeople, echoed by the right-wing press and even, on occasion, by the BBC.

This demonisation usually takes the form of some kind of ‘scrounger’ rhetoric, although the perpetrators will throw in ‘shirker’ or ‘skiver’ occasionally, just to mix it up a little. It’s clearly a tactic aimed at the basest instincts of people who are able, or willing, to believe it and resent the ‘scroungers’ who are supposedly the opposite of the ‘strivers’, or ‘those who work hard and do the right thing’, according to the Tory mantra.

This kind of rhetoric is in every government statement about the ‘Uprating Bill’ that will be voted on today in…

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The window.

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The window.

Sicknote@Hebden Bridge Trades Club 17.11.12

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Sicknote@Hebden Bridge Trades Club 17.11.12


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New Brighton 18.09.2012

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New Brighton 18.09.2012

Bird Song

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Monday evening we get in from the first day of the weeks work, the dog wants a walk, the sun is out and it is cool.  Once all the errands are done we take to the garden to take in the last hour or so of sunshine.  In doing so we miss the early evening news, we enjoy a beer, the dog brings a ball, and the cat skulks off to a corner as the indica sets in.

In the near distance you can hear the last of the rush hour traffic making its way up and down the East Lancs road.  Cars pull up in the street outside, the music is scouse, funky, donk and the odd bit of that stuff they call r’n’b.  People are chattin’ on mobiles in the street outside and dogs are barkin’.  Early evening chaos you might say.

Straight up out of the blue a blackbird breaks into song just over the back there.   Every other sound begins to merge into a distant rumble, the bird song takes over.  We listen; it takes over, just for a minute it takes over.  It’s beautiful.

 It got me thinkin’…. as long as the birds are singing we are still ok, let’s make it count.